Final ratings for the 2016/17 season are now below.





Not only did he record the highest average for the season, but he also recorded the highest average of all time (at least since we began keeping records), STEVIE CHRISTIE tops the list once again with an impressive 7.44 from his 25 games. Runner up was JAMIE STOBIE with 7.27 from his 15 games, and just pipping Alan Jess for third place was DAN ROMAINES.

Interestingly, Stob, Dan and Alan also have broken the highest rating of all time barrier with their ratings, but Big Stevie has set the benchmark for everyone from 2017/18 onwards now.










The 20 goal barrier has been broken for the first time since 2013/14 when Jack Windram hit 20, top scorer for this season was DANIEL PATTENDEN with 21 goals, impressive from his midfield berth. Fellow midfielder ALAN JESS hit the back of the net 14 times to claim the runner up spot, and the only other player to make double figures was JORDAN WOOD with 10 strikes.

A long way to go to beat the record for goals in a season, held by club legend JOCKY TURNER who cracked 37 in 2008/09, from only 32 games too. Even runners up in the all time list is a long stretch for anyone, that's currently held by the gaffer STEVEN SHENNAN who scored 32 in 2009/10.









The man who sets up more goals for anyone else, therefore the man who can claim to be the most unselfish player, defending his title from last season is JOE CONDY, 12 assists to his name this season, slightly down on last seasons 14, but enough to leave him top of the charts, only just mind you as ALAN JESS weighed in with 11 assists of his own to claim his second runner up place in the stats. Joint third place were Chris Young and Adam Turner with 9.

A long way to go to get near the record number of assists, jointly held by the man in equal third this season CHRIS YOUNG and once again the gaffer STEVEN SHENNAN, both with 32 assists, Shennan in 2008/09 (must have set a lot up for Jocky that season) and Youngy in 2009/10 who probably set up loads for Shennan and Jocky that season.







Games Played


The most games played award this season went to the man with the most goals, DANIEL PATTENDEN who chalked up 31 appearances for the club, just edging out 'keeper MARTIN TODD on 30 as well as top assist man JOE CONDY who took equal third with DAN ROMAINES. 14 players managed 20 games or more this season.

All time record is held by MARK HUME and STEVIE CHRISTIE, both who played 36 games in the 2008/09 season.