Here are the final ratings for the 2010 / 2011 season :


Players must have played in at least 8 games to be featured in these stats.





He has been runner up for the past two seasons, so it's fitting that he finally wins the award for top average throughout the season, congratulations to "Big" Stevie Christie who wins with an average of 6.86, just less than last seasons 6.87. Runner up was Jamie Stobie with 6.83 and the top three was filled up by captain Chris Young on 6.75.










A shared award this season for top goalscorer, with Jordan Lauder and Robbie Armstrong both scoring 11 goals, although Lauder is shown top of the list as his were from 15 games compared to Armstrong's 24. Coming in third was Jocky Turner, who scored 10 goals in 9 starts.









The first award of the year that has the same winner as the previous year, that being captain Chris Young and his sweet left foot, his 12 assists take the title from Jack Windram on 9 and Jocky Turner and Robbie Armstrong on 7. No fewer than 16 players had an assist for Chirnside this season though !







Games Played


To top off his award as top rating of the season, Stevie Christie proves it was no fluke as he attained that average playing the most games, a total of 29, just pipping Chris Young who played in 28, four players were on 25 including Adam Turner (who had a record 13 as sub!), Duncan Morrison, Leigh Wood and last years winner Stuart Black.