Here are the final ratings for the 2008 / 2009 season :


The very unlucky Sufi Omari is still top of this list, with a rating of 7.00 from the 3 games he played before his bad injury, next up playing 1 more game was Gary Logan with 6.75.


The first player with more than 10 games to his name on this list was JAMIE STOBIE with 6.48, closely followed by (Big) Stevie Christie on 6.36 - congratulations to "Stob" who has the best average over the season.





With a ratio of 1.16 goals per game, it's Jocky Turner at the top of the goalscorers chart with a very impressive 37 in the 32 games he played. Next up is Shennan with 20 in 34 games, closely followed by Jordan Lauder with 19 in 29 games, although 16 of those were as a sub, so quite a good ratio. Other players in double figures were Jack Windram and Andrew Ponder. A little way down the list, with 1 goal is Chris Young, but as it was his first goal for Chirnside it's worth mentioning here !





Well, with Turner and Shennan banging the goals in, who has set them up ? The answer to that is, er, Shennan and Turner !! Shennan with a tremendous 32 assists, almost 1 per game he played and Turner with 22 ! He may only have got 1 goal this season, but his 19 assists show Chris Young's value to the team. Others in double figures were Ponder and Windram ! Interestingly keeper Jason Luggett claimed an assist this season, the same number as Dunc !!!





Last, but not least it's appearances and with an impressive total of 36 games each, it's the central defensive partnership of Hume and Christie, winger Young is next with 35 but with 11 players playing 30 or more games this season, it shows that the side didn't change a great deal !