It's the moment you have all been waiting for, the final appearance of the season of the player stats, thanks once again to 'The Rater' for scoring the lads on a weekly basis, and going to the trouble of putting them through Dunc's door too.


First up, we have the one that all the players look for - the average rating, this has been a close fought affair all season, but has ended with ANDREW PONDER being the winner, and the only player to break the magical 7.00 barrier. The Rater is a tough man to please..................


Next we take a look at the thing that wins games - that being goals. Last season saw Steven Shennan win this by about 20 goals, but this year it has been a lot closer. The winner for the 2nd year running is still STEVEN SHENNAN but he was run close by Graeme Turner all season. A few players ended on a duck for the season, most notably Chris Young, who not only didn't score this season, but has never scored for the club (Dunc asked me to point this out !).


Now we turn to those unselfish people who create the things that win games, this time we look at assists. This shows who the team players are, and this season, like the goals award has been won for the second year in a row be a player, that man being GRAEME TURNER. Selfish players who hardly lay on a goal for team mates included Dunc with only 1.


Now we turn to those who have made the most appearances for the team this season, this was another close category throughout the season, but in the end it was keeper JASON LUGGETT who came top with a full house 29 games played out of 29 available.