Chirnside United v Gala Federation, Dudley Cup March 16th 1920


Report from Berwickshire News


Chirnside United 1 v 0 Gala Federation


Chirnside -Gillies; Dennison, Johnstone; Weatherstone (capt.), Paterson, Craig; J. White, J. Young, W. White, Dryburgh and Shiel


Gala Federation- Grant; A. Templeton, Dobson; W. Forsyth, J. Taylor, T. Smart; W. Templeton, R. Maben, Roseberry, Tedd and Harkness


Referee - Mr P. Richardson, Berwick


The steps, also the wheels of football enthusiasts for a score of miles around Duns were on Saturday afternoon directed to the Foundry Park in the county town. The occasion was the final tie for the Dudley Cup, and there was naturally widespread interest as the finalists came from extreme points, they representing Chirnside United and Galashiels Federation. Both teams had considerable numbers of followers from these places, trains, motor cars, motor lorries and bicycles being requisitioned.


The day was bitterly chilly though dry and beautiful. No section of the spectators displayed more pronounced concern in the fortunes of the players than several bevies of cheery, bonny lassies from Chirnside. All of them wore the colours relating to their favourite team. Green rosettes, green ribbons, down to emerald silk stockings were introduced, and to the sprightliness of the girls was due much to that breezy gaiety and cheerfulness which made ordinary men forget the coldness, the "Ides of March" with a vengeance.


Ayton showed fair in an early stage for the trophy, but were ousted by the lads of paper, while Gala Federation put out Leithen 'A'. Chirnside on Saturday were without J. Hay (captain) as right back. Dennison, however, showed himself in trim and ably maintained that position. As centre-half for Federation we believe Taylor was playing his first big match. With about 700 onlookers, Chirnside kicked off against a stiffish. Their initial attack was readily cleared. Taylor made a splendid pass to Todd, who in turn neatly slipped along to Harkness and there was a sprint down the wing. Dennison very smartly stopped Harkness and passing to the forwards Young got the ball. The centre next got the leather into midfield, when Smart received. Dryburgh was most alert and judiciously passed to Shiel, who went along the wing at great speed. The Gala lads began hard pressing and for five minutes their progress seemed disconcerting to opponents and wearers of the Chirnside colours.


Three times Gillies was saving within the succeeding ten minutes, and particularly effective was his energy against W. Templeton. Play continued without much advantage to either team and excitement arose when W. White after a fine run sent the ball past. Chirnside got a free-kick but no result, and half-time came without any scoring.


There was much pressing on the part of Chirnside on the resumption and on point of steady, careful play they certainly showed to greater advantage. Dryburgh, W. White and Shiel as a combination displayed good judgement, although all their forcefulness failed when near the posts. Dobson robbed White of the ball at a critical moment. More successful was the succeeding endeavour and Chirnside remained on the defensive for a while. The tackling of Dennison was strong. After some midfield work Paterson sent the ball to the left wing, but Shiel hardly reached in time, it going into touch.


Possession having again been secured by Shiel he forced matters. W. White beating the half-backs, now became troublesome. He sent in a well calculated shot which Grant failed to save and so the only goal of the afternoon was notched. Due to an injury to a Gala player the game stopped for a few minutes, then came some decidedly clever play on the part of the Chirnside forwards, and indeed the entire team were putting their best into the match. White again was on the verge of scoring but his shot was a trifle narrow. A corner resulted from a clever bit of work by Grant, but no consequences. Some pushed play by the Federation brought a couple of corners, but nothing eventuated. Gillies proved equal to two calls from scrimmages in front of the goal. Capital efforts were made by Gala to equalise in the concluding stages, but the stiff contest ended.


Tea was enjoyed by the teams in the Waddell's Tea Rooms, and the trophy was presented to the winners by Mr A. J. Tindal, jun., on behalf of the Border Football Association. Over £20 being the gate drawings, close upon 800 would be present.