These are the ratings at the end of the 12/13 season for the first team :





The averages show that the experienced David Lough who came in near the end of the season was valuable as he managed to gain a 7.38 average for his 8 matches, "regulars" Ryan Blaikie and Dan Romaines both came next with 7.17 and 7.00 respectively.










As with the first team, the Colts also managed to have 16 different goal scorers through the season, with the top scorer ending up being Dan Romaines with 23 from his 23 games played. Not bad considering near the end of the season he was in midfield a lot ! Next up was Daniel Pattenden with 16 goals, and third was Paul Blacklock with 10, not many would have bet on him getting in to double figures this season.









17 different players claimed an assist for the Colts this season, with 4 players combining for 52 of those, the only 4 players to have double figures in the assist column. Top of the pile is Dan Romaines, who has just pipped Daniel Pattenden to the top spot by 15 assists to 14. In third place is Paul Blacklock with 12, and the other in double figures is Matty Lawson with 11.


Looking further down the list, a name sticks out on 5 assists, keeper Jason Lugget !!! I bet not many keepers can claim 5 in a career, let alone a season !







Games Played


The more experienced of the Colts players feature at the top of the list, showing the youngsters a thing or two about staying power ! Keeper Jason Lugget is top with 30 games iwth Paul Blacklock on 28. Ten players broke the 20 appearances mark this season and the total number of players used by the Colts was 25.